Classic Mirrored Furniture
For the Upminster, Essex Area

Mirrored furniture offers a unique look for any space. Here at Ellie's Finishing Touches, we supply a variety of classic mirrored furniture options so you can choose what would work best in your room. For more information or to purchase, visit us today! We are located in the Upminster, Essex area.

Positives of Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture not only makes a room look great, but it can also:

Make a small space look bigger - Depending on where it is placed and what type of furniture it is, mirrored pieces can help open up your space and make it look bigger. Have a small bedroom you need to furnish? Considered mirrored furniture to create the illusion of a larger room!

Enhance the lighting in a space - A mirror reflects more than the image of the things around it. Light reflects off the surface, creating more light in your space. If you chose a darker motif for the rest of your space, a piece of mirrored furniture can help brighten up the room!